About Us

Let the experts help you keep your carpets clean!

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg is proudly South African company that has been founded with the basis of delivering the best carpet services in the country. Since 2005 we have been satisfying customers all over Johannesburg with affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services.

We provide customized carpet cleaning services to suit your monthly needs because we know that a good carpet is a clean carpet that does not need much care taking when it is done through us.

Your carpet is our responsibility!

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg aims to facilitate all your carpet needs through a well designed carpet maintenance plan that suites your budget. Although there are many factors that can affect your plan, we always take care of your priorities first.

Get step by step help with taking care of all your carpets:

  • Discuss your needs:- Contact us for free carpet cleaning quotation and let us discuss the best plan you can take to ensure your carpets are taken care off for many years to come.
  • Your Budget:- At Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg we will take care of all your carpet needs on the basis of your budget. First things we take care off, are the most important one’s and that means we deep clean first and the rest follow.
  • Same Day Cleaning:- Find yourself in an emergency need to clean your carpets maybe because the mother in law is on the way? Call us now for quick carpet cleaning services at your convenience.

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg ensures that you carpet:

  • Looks Good
  • Smell Good
  • Stain Free!

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg’s staff members are only a call away, get in touch with us today for the most wanted carpet cleaning services in town!